Sports are one of the events that bring love to the world of today. This means that sports has ability to unite people from all aspects of life. Young and old love watching a number of events in the field. Since there are so many sports events that are played worldwide, so many other games are being invented each day. For instance, the evolution of the Australian football has really borrowed a lot from rugby and soccer in particular. Take for instance the kind of ball that is involved with this game. The ball is just a replica of the Australian football team. When it comes to the rules of the game, much has been borrowed.

However, there are a number of aspects that makes these games quite different from each other. Take for instance the playing time. Each game has got almost unique time of playing. Between the playing times, there are other durations that are set aside for the purposes of resting and giving the technical information to the players regarding to their play style of the game. All these aspects are meant to better the performance of one team to the disadvantage of the opponents. The following are some of the aspects that make this game a peculiar one;

  • Starting and restarting the game
  • Out of bounds

Starting and restarting the game

football players

Before the game starts, the team is required by the rules to choose the side that they will wish to begin with. Since this may be contentious, a coin is supposed to be thrown up and this is used to determine which side a team is supposed to begin playing from. This is meant to reduce the conflicts on the pitch. Once the goal is scored, the umpire is supposed to wave the flag up. During this time, the watch is supposed to be stopped as the scoring time may need some time to celebrate their goal. It is important that the time should be stopped so as not to disadvantage the team that has been scored against. The Australian football requires that an umpire needs to signal the time keeper whenever he or she thinks that time ought to be stopped because of one or more reasons.

Out of bounds

The ball is said to be out of bounds if it passes or crosses the line that marks the boundary of the playing field. Such lines are drawn using the straight white lines. It is the responsibility of the umpire to make sure that the ball is thrown or played within the set boundaries. If it gets out, then the opponents of the player that last touched the ball before it got out of the boundary is advantaged by being given the ball as a throw in. This makes the AFL ladder quite unique from the rest of games that you could be aware of. It is therefore mandatory that the game needs to be protected by these officials for it to be fair to every team.