There are particular approaches that specialists need to engage with as they select new automotive workshop equipment. These selections cannot be made on a whim because the quality of these tools often dictates how safe and efficient their designs, repairs and maintenance checks happen to be. 

Reflecting on Current Utility Shortfall

The best place that specialists can start with their journey to selecting automotive workshop equipment is to reflect on the current available stock and pinpoint where improvements can be made. From transmission stations to wheel balancers, tyre changers, engine cranes, compressors, torchers, hoists, fasteners, test kits, beam clamps, fume extractions and beyond, it pays to know where the gaps lie in the operation and assess what will add different dimensions to the enterprise. Professionals who view the business from a wider view lens are able to pinpoint what will deliver the goods on that front.

Identifying Operational Budget

Automotive workshop equipment

Professionals who are in the market for automotive tools and assets recognise that they are not afforded an open cheque to making these investments. Every purchase comes with a cost, whether that is to own the tools outright or to introduce them on a hire basis. Outlets are wise to consult with their accounts official and ownership to determine how much money is available and when the best time to make these acquisitions will be according to tax commitments.

Engaging Industry Peers

It is always beneficial for local professionals to consult with their industry peers if they happen to be in the market for new automotive workshop equipment. These operators have the same experiences and confront the same commercial demands day in and day out as their competition. If individuals are on friendly terms and are happy to guide them to brands and utilities that work for them, that will help to shape the purchase decisions.

Assessing Online Reviews

Personal contacts might be light on the ground with referrals for automotive workshop equipment, particularly if industry competition is strong and no one wants to outline what they use and on what terms. By surveying social media feeds, apps and search engine results pages, it is easy to pinpoint consistent brand themes and user satisfaction levels. Check who rates well out of 5 stars and where the glowing referrals happen to be directed for professionals who rely on these tools for their business performance.

Consulting Staff Members

Depending on the team dynamic and the type of shop that is established, there may be some limitations around the kind of tools that can be sourced for automotive workshop equipment investments. Professionals need to be trained and licensed in order to handle a number of these utilities. Reflect on their position and who will be in a position to use them before fast tracking the designs into the workplace.

Test Drive Opportunities

Rather than rushing to a decision on the type of automotive workshop equipment that is utilised, it is beneficial to experience a test drive with particular items. Of course this won’t be possible with many of the basic accessories such as load slings, cleaning trays and hydraulic oil, but there will be potential to see how the power tools and heavy machinery works in real time. By contacting trusted suppliers in this market, it will be possible to have a tutorial to see how they operate and if they deliver the type of efficiency that makes them a long-term asset.


There are a number of options that local members can use to acquire new automotive workshop equipment. By applying these techniques, participants will give themselves the best chance for success.