Couple attending a mediation in Sydney

Have you thought about using mediation in Sydney to help with your divorce dispute? Sometimes it can be hard to see this course of action as viable when you are in a bitter conflict with your ex about the fate of your children or the property you once shared, but it’s actually more realistic than you may think.

Even your family lawyer will recommend that you pursue this type of negotiation instead of taking the matter to court. There are several great reasons why using mediation in Sydney is much better than trying to win a court battle against your former spouse.

Let’s examine the 3 best benefits of using mediation in Sydney to resolve your divorce dispute.

1.     Costs less money than going to court

The biggest reason that people seem to like mediation in Sydney is that it costs less money than going to court. This is true for both parties, as there will be no need to pay for the expense of a thorough courtroom hearing and soliciting the services of a judge to hear the case.

The expense of going to court is partly there to discourage people from overburdening the court system with cases that could be easily resolved via a process of negotiation. Many ex-partners who want to ‘win’ a courtroom battle against their ex quickly realise that it’s much more mature (and much cheaper) to put aside their petty squabbles and reach a fair compromise that allows them to walk away from the failed marriage with their head held high.

While using mediation in Sydney has an upfront cost, that cost is going to be much lower than the cost of going to court. Therefore, the lowest cost of this service is a big part of its appeal.

2.     It maintains dignity for everyone

While a reason some ex’s wanting to battle in court is to achieve a victory over their former partner, this is not guaranteed. When a matter goes to court, both sides run the risk of not getting what they want and having a poor compromise mandated by a judge just to get the matter settled.

One thing many don’t realise about using mediation in Sydney is that it allows them and their ex to negotiate an agreement and work through their issues while maintaining their dignity. This process is non-adversarial, meaning that it is about cooperation and not pitting one side against the other.

The process of mediation in Sydney allows both sides to see the folly in having a vindictive court battle that has a winner and a loser. Going to court should always be a last resort, and even the most bitterly combative exes have been able to reach a compromise by pursuing a guided negotiation process.

3.     It creates better outcomes

One of the big appeals of using mediation in Sydney is the fact that the parties who attend have what can be best described as ‘creative control’ over the settlement that is reached. The agreements that are negotiated through this process are not bound to the strict guidelines used by judges in a court setting, meaning that the arrangements made can be far more flexible and suit the circumstances of the split.

These outcomes are far more accepted and longer-lasting than those that are mandated in a courtroom. This is because when both parties feel like they had control over the final outcome, they are far less likely to try and dispute them later on.

All in all, mediation in Sydney allows those who have divorced to come to a mature resolution that takes all factors into account.