A Beginners Guide to Busylight

It can sometimes be difficult to navigate an office environment, especially when everyone is working independently but on the same project. There…

How Much Does Fake Grass in Sydney Cost?

In this day and age, most people out there are looking for ways to make their lives easier. This is because most…

A Guide to Content Marketing for SEO

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of SEO, or are looking for ways to branch out to become one of…

Unusual Dance Classes in Sydney You Should Try

We’re all guilty of blasting Thriller in the living room or shower and showcasing our languished attempts at the moonwalk – don’t…

What is Water Weight?

Water weight is something that is often misinterpreted as something that isn’t bad for the body. It refers to the extra water…

What is the Difference Between Veganism and Vegetarianism?

Although there is a lot of differentiation between being vegan and being a vegetarian, society still doesn’t seem to know the difference….

What is a Home Loan?

Before applying for a home loan, there are some things you need to know. Now, we all need a little help financially…

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A Beginners Guide to Busylight

It can sometimes be difficult to navigate an office environment, especially when everyone is working independently but on the same project. There…


A Beginners Guide to Busylight


It can sometimes be difficult to navigate an office environment, especially when everyone is working independently but on the same project. There are often times when you need to discuss something with a colleague, but it can be hard to know if they are busy or if they are free to talk. This is why busylight was invented, its aim is to make the office environment a more productive place. If you don’t know what this device is, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about it.


What is Busylight?

A Busylight is a new development in office technology, designed to make the workplace a better, and more productive environment for all employees. This device is light based and lets colleagues know if you are currently on a call, or in do not disturb mode, or if it is okay to come over and talk to you. The devise uses colour coded lights, with each colour meaning a different thing, it is essentially an indicator to non verbally allow everyone else to know what you are doing and if you can chat or not. It is attached to a long cord so you can place the device on the edge of your desk, cubicle or office, to make it easy for everyone else in the office to see.


How Does It Work?

The device works in a relatively simple way, by using a colour coordinated lights to let other people in the area immediately see your status without having to verbally communicate with you. This allows them to act accordingly by coming back to check on your status later if you are currently otherwise engaged. The light colours relate to certain activates and connects to certain programmes such as Skype for Business; the light can be changed automatically or manually by the user. This device easily mounts on desks or doorways so it is suitable for those who have an office, or those who work in an open plan workspace.


What Do the Colours Mean?

There are several different coloured lights that show on the device, however, the most common are green, red and yellow. The green light signifies to colleagues that you are available and that it is okay to come over to your desk. Red, on the other hand, means that you are unavailable, and are most likely on a call or in a meeting.  The yellow light generally means that you are currently away from your computer.


How is it Installed?

Installing Busylight is very simple as the device connects to your work computer via USB. Once you have connected it to your computer, all you need to do is download an application that will allow it to interact with applications such as Skype for Business. Once you have installed the application and plugged the device in, it is ready to go. All you need to do is place the light somewhere that is clear for everyone in the office to see.


What is the History of Busylight?

Busylight first began in 2001, when the developers noticed that many people using a headset often had issues informing their colleagues they were on the phone by waving their hands and pointing at their headset. This brought about the idea of a headset online indicator, which was a small light that indicated that people were in the middle of a call. Over the years, the developers have begun to add more signals and features to the device in order to make it even easier to determine someone’s current work status.


What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of the device, however the main one is that it increases productivity. It easily allows people to know if you are free or if you are currently in the middle of something, meaning you wont be interrupted if you are busy. The device also helps with call handling, so you are less likely to miss any important calls. Furthermore, it will also flash when you have an incoming call, so if you don’t hear your ringtone, the light will alert you.


How Much Does Fake Grass in Sydney Cost?


In this day and age, most people out there are looking for ways to make their lives easier. This is because most people are already completely stressed and worn out and simply don’t have the time to take care of every single aspect of their lives. As this is the case, many people will look for solutions such as hiring a house cleaner.




When people find solutions such as these, they are able to use their precious time to do the things that they love and also to take care of themselves. Another great example of this is by reducing the amount of time that is spent on gardening. Many people will try to find houses without gardens so that they don’t have to spend any time outdoors taking care of their lawn.

While this can sometimes be a good way to go, many people enjoy having an outdoor area or they are renting their property and so don’t have a choice when it comes to their yard. Whatever the situation may be, there is an alternative that many people may have not thought about.

This alternative is fake grass Sydney which can implemented to make peoples lives much easier. Not only will it look bright and green all year round but people will not even have to own a lawn mower. As there are so many people out there that can benefit from this and who will be curious to learn more, this article will explore the involved costs of fake grass in Sydney.


Fake grass in Sydney can start from $6.65 per m2 depending on the quality

grassWhat some people out there may not realize is that not all fake grass in Sydney is created equal. There are premium options that will do a fantastic job at replicating the real thing and then there are options that are quite obviously not real. And so, the involved costs really depend on the needs and desired of the person who is wanting to make a purchase.

The good news is that for those who are wanting to find the best of the best, most companies will usually have interest free options that don’t require a deposit so that people are able to cover their whole yard without breaking the bank. This will also usually include an obligation-free measure and quote. This means that even those who have things that stop them from getting outside to garden can still ensure a yard that is green and that invokes a sense of serenity.


More complex installations of fake grass in Sydney may cost a little more

It is also important for people to know that prices may vary depending on what they are needing. For instance, one person may need to have a small flat area covered whereas another person may be needing something a little more complex. Obviously the most complex area with less flat spots will cost someone a little more.

Having said this, when someone does need a large area covered it can be a wise move to chat with the company who offers this service as they may be able to offer a discount. For instance, a golf course which needs a huge amount of area covered may be able to organize a special rate. This can be extremely handy as they may need to replace damaged areas on a regular basis.

But whatever someone’s needs are, it is likely that they are able to find a solution that suits them. This is because there are so many different types of fake grass in Sydney for people to enjoy.


A Guide to Content Marketing for SEO

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of SEO, or are looking for ways to branch out to become one of the top SEO companies, and try new strategies, content marketing is a valuable technique to learn. And it doesn’t have to be intimidating – we’ve written up a quick, simple guide covering the basics of the trade. With a little bit of time and persistence, you’ll be well on your way to using content marketing to your advantage.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to the practice of producing and distributing useful online content – that is, content which provides value to your audience, whether it be through entertainment or education. It doesn’t specifically promote a brand, but rather helps build a following for a brand’s products and services. Some examples of ways in which you could use content marketing include:

  • Blog posts (including guest blogging)
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts


Benefits and advantages

Content marketing comes with an array of benefits and advantages over traditional marketing (i.e. print and broadcast).

Its benefits include helping to increase a brand’s reputation with its audience, improving search engine rankings, and increasing and retaining traffic for a longer duration of time.

Its advantages over traditional marketing include:

  • Value for money: Content marketing is typically much more cost-effective. While you still have to factor in costs associated with production and promotion (which are reasonably low), you don’t have to pay for advertising space, and distribution channels are often free to use.
  • Long-lasting: Unlike a traditional advertisement which may date quickly, quality content (especially the evergreen sort) may stay relevant for years, thus keeping traffic flowing to your website for equally as long.
  • Complements other strategies: Content marketing also assists with social media strategies, email marketing and SEO.


Initial steps for success

To begin, it is important to establish the groundwork for an effective content marketing strategy. These are some basic things to consider when starting out:

  • Aim: Consider what the aim of your content marketing strategy is. What do you want to achieve? Is it higher levels of traffic, or a stronger conversion rate?
  • Niche: Aim to be as specific as possible. What population do you want to target? What role in the ecosystem that is the internet do you want to occupy? Identifying your particular niche helps to differentiate you from other brands and become more relevant within your field.
  • Audience: Think about the population you’re aiming to target. Consider their demographics, their interests, and their lifestyle. Being knowledgeable about your readers can help you improve the relevancy of your content and increase your audience base.

SEO statistics


Building an effective strategy

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to work on the rest of your strategy.

  • Distribution channels: Think about which platform(s) you plan on using to share your content. Social media is arguably one of the strongest ways of sharing and interacting with your audience. You may also want to incorporate a variety of platforms; for example, your strategy may include a blog, a YouTube channel, and an Instagram account. If you have the resources to manage multiple platforms, consider it, as it is a great way to maximize your outreach.
  • Use personal brands: Getting a personal brand to write a guest post on an external site for you is an excellent way to promote your brand and content.
  • Keep promoting: It’s vital that you continue to share your work, rather than simply publishing it. You can do this in many ways, such as an email newsletter, or a one-off paid advertisement.

Your content marketing strategy will take time, but the results should be worth it.

Unusual Dance Classes in Sydney You Should Try


We’re all guilty of blasting Thriller in the living room or shower and showcasing our languished attempts at the moonwalk – don’t forget the imaginary microphone – but we’re not so confident when we need to perform social dancing Sydney in front of an audience.

That’s usually because we aptly judge our jiving as mediocre at best and keep it the preserve of shower sessions save for the shameless and minimalist alcohol-induced boogieing.

Perhaps you’re thinking of getting rid of your two left feet for life, but at the same time are uninspired at the thought of learning how to foxtrot, swing, waltz, or salsa.

Fear not, here is a list of the more unusual forms of movement that appear when the music sounds. I can assure you there is something for everyone when it comes to dance classes in Sydney.




No lights, just music and bad dancing

What if, in a public place, you could twist, swing, sway, and strut the way you do when no-one is watching? What if, in a public place, you didn’t have to worry about the harassment of on-looking eyes? What if, in a public place, you didn’t have to be 5 pints and 3 vodka and cokes in before you let yourself go and boogie to your heart’s content?

This is not a dead end, folks. That public space exists. It is a space where music plays and darkness presides. Rather than being a horror movie-worthy abandoned music store, I am referring to the various venues provided for those wanting to step and twist without the pressure of an audience. That’s because the venues have no lighting, only music, so you can work up a sweat in the best pitch black dark dance classes in Sydney.


Pole dancing

Okay, we’ve all heard of this one. But if someone told you they were a professional pole dancer or spent every Sunday evening throwing themselves up, down, and around a pole in their garage, you’d find that unusual, right? Perhaps unusual is putting it politely.

There are a lot of acrobatics and strength involved here, so it would be a great conversion for anyone with a background in gymnastics and a fantastic workout for anyone wanting to shed a lot of calories in a more creative way than running nowhere whilst looking at yourself in a mirror on a treadmill.

Who knows where it could take you, perhaps to Miss Pole Dance Australia (yes, this is a thing) or down a new career path; but it could at least open you up to a whole new world of enjoyment and bedroom antics.

Even if you don’t fancy attending pole dance classes in Sydney, there is great entertainment to be had in admiring the skill of pole experts at a dedicated show. And no, I’m not just talking about the strippers in Gentlemen’s clubs.


Hula, hula hoop

No, I am not referring to that tragic song by Omi that released back in 2015 or a famous brand of crisps, but to a type of dancing involving a colourful ring. You know the one.

This would be a great excuse to get out a few hoops, rope the kids in and get those hips swinging in the garden or living room (location dependent on whether you want to showcase your moves in front of noisy neighbors).

If you want to take your hula hooping to the next level, then look no further than hula hoop dance classes in Sydney.


Who needs a groom?

Bridal dance classes in Sydney qualify as being unusual because they’re not something you’d think to go to unless you were engaged.

But who needs a wedding to prepare for to have an excuse to attend bridal dance classes in Sydney? That’s right, I am certainly suggesting you go along whether you’re engaged or not. It would be unusual, but definitely worth it to learn some new ways to move if you’re not one to dwell on being single.

You never know, the moves you learn could become very useful sooner than you think!


No arms allowed

Dancing doesn’t have to involve all of the limbs.

Hardstyle dancing is famed for its preference for below the waist movement and little more than arm flailing otherwise. Quick, intricate, defined, sometimes aggressive, leg movements are hard to master, but look great in a nightclub when some hard euphoric music comes on.

What is Water Weight?

Water weight is something that is often misinterpreted as something that isn’t bad for the body. It refers to the extra water stored within the body, which adds to one’s weight.

When people, more women than men, try to lose weight, the first thing they usually lose is water weight, which generally adds up to 2 to 10 pounds. This number might even increase, depending on one’s state of health, and whether you have a higher body fat percentage than the average person.

Why Women are More Likely to Have Water Weight Than Men

Apart from being overweight, or obese, women also tend to hold on to more water weight than men. It is because women have a 15 to 20% higher natural body fat percentage than men, which is primarily due to their body’s anatomy.

Women need added bodyfat to be able to conceive and give birth to babies. For that apparent reason, there are also more reasons why women hold onto water weight than men. These include higher levels of hormones, such as progesterone, and their menstrual cycle. Women also tend to hold onto water weight one week before the start of their cycle, which causes temporary weight gain by holding onto water alone. Women usually gain 2 to 10 pounds during this time.

Causes of Water Weight

As mentioned, water weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just something that occurs due to health-related factors. Water weight can be bad due to the health factors that increase the effect it has on the body.

Having bad habits, such as having a poor diet, a lack of sleep, as well as certain illnesses, could be the cause thereof. It also occurs due to the types of fluid you consume, as well as the amount that you consume, and the timing thereof.

Even though having water weight is a temporary condition, it would still be nice to prevent it, especially if you’re a woman. 

Tips to Lose Water Weight

  • Increase Your Water Intake – Although it sounds strange, it works. Since your body is made up of 60% water, you must keep consuming it. People generally want to get rid of water weight, due to the bloating caused by it, as well as the additional pounds that gets added to the scale. Not only does increasing your water intake help you lose weight, but, it also helps you stay lean and keep the water retention to a minimum.
  • Exercise – The number one way to get rid of water retention, is to work out. That is because, when you exercise, the swelling in your skin gets reduced, leaving you looking, and feeling, a lot less bloated.

Another amazing benefit of exercise is the fact that it helps you control fluid level, which decreases water weight loss, along with fat loss.

  • Sleep More – Who doesn’t like a little bit more sleep. The importance of sleep cannot be emphasised enough. If you want to be healthier, it’s not only your diet and exercise habits that need to be adjusted, but it’s your sleeping habits too. Aiming for 7 to 9 hours each night should be a priority. Not only does it reduce water retention, but it also maintains proper levels of body hydration.
  • Skip the Salt and Processed Food – Let’s be real. Nobody said that losing weight was going to be easy. The number one cause of water retention, however, is adding sodium to your diet. What’s more is, it’s found in all types of processed food. 

So, how do you solve this problem? You stop buying KFC, along with any other on-the-go foods.

What is the Difference Between Veganism and Vegetarianism?

Although there is a lot of differentiation between being vegan and being a vegetarian, society still doesn’t seem to know the difference.

When asked, people that are uneducated about the difference of the two, refer to veganism and vegetarianism as one in the same thing. There are, however, many differences between the two and if you’re not either one, you might not think too much the importance thereof either, but for others, both types of diets are extremely important for individual reasons.

First, both veganism and vegetarianism, are great diets to lose weight, even more so when people choose to implement it as a lifestyle, rather than a diet.

Both can also be implemented in people’s lives for bigger reasons than weight loss and health benefits, and that is why vegans are often taken more seriously than vegetarians. It is because their lifestyle mimics their beliefs, which includes respecting animals more than those who consume their meat or products made from them, such as dairy or animal products.

The Difference is Quite Simple.

Differentiating between the two is quite simple. Vegans eat no animals, nor animal products whatsoever, while vegetarians don’t eat animals either, but still consume their products, such as eggs and dairy.

Vegans tend to believe that even being a vegetarian, still harms animals, while vegetarians don’t acknowledge the idea at all.

The Vegetarian Lifestyle

There are four types of vegetarianism.

  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians – This is the most common type of vegetarian and is a lifestyle that has no restriction to dairy products and eggs. This type of vegetarian isn’t allowed any meat, seafood, or poultry.
  • Lacto Vegetarians – Vegetarians who consume dairy products, with the exception of meat, eggs, poultry, as well as seafood.
  • Ovo Vegetarians – Vegetarians who consume eggs, but no dairy products, poultry, meat or seafood.
  • Pesco Vegetarians – Also known as pescatarians, this type is a typical vegetarian but consumes fish and seafood. Pescatarians don’t consume meat or poultry.

The Vegan Lifestyle

Contrary to a few types of vegetarians, there is only one type of vegan. Vegans all follow the same diet-rules and view it as a lifestyle, which they take very seriously.

Since being vegan doesn’t allow one to consume any animal, nor animal product, including honey, it is an extreme challenge to live by.

Considering that there are so many sources of animal product, especially dairy, added to food these days, vegans must be especially careful not to consume any of it. Visiting a restaurant, for instance, is also incredibly difficult, unless there are vegan-specific meals on the menu, or you’re visiting a vegan-specific restaurant.

A Healthier Lifestyle?

Whether being a vegan or vegetarian is considered healthier than the regular Mediterranean diet, is bias. If veganism or vegetarianism isn’t done correctly, with the help of added supplements, such as vitamin B12, or a balanced diet that allows you to receive all the nutrients you need, both could influence your health.

When done properly, however, it can have massive health benefits and help you maintain your weight much more easily, all while fighting off diseases and prevent free radicals and illness from thriving in your body.

What is a Home Loan?

Before applying for a home loan, there are some things you need to know.

Now, we all need a little help financially sometimes, especially when it comes to buying a house and having the necessary finances to support it.

Since we’re not all millionaires, to be able to fund a home requires most people to take out a home loan.

A home loan is often also referred to as mortgage and can best be described as the loan that is given to you, by some financial institution, like a bank, to be able to purchase a property. These types of loans generally have a term of 25 to 30 years and require you to make regular payments, usually monthly, to be able to pay it eventually back in full.

A home loan is generally secured against one’s property, which means that a bank will lend you the loan, but in the event of you not being able to pay it back, will force you to sell the property, to be ready to settle your debt. Home loans are considered some of the most popular methods of buying a home, and is convenient, because one gets to pay it off in installments, instead of having to pay it off all at once.

Variable Rate and Fixed Rate Home Loans

Home loans all have the same goal, to pay for a house, in exchange for payments, which include interest, and be paid off over an extended period.

The only thing that differentiates one home loan from another is the terms selected to pay the loan off.

One way to pay off a home loan is to pay it off with interest, which is the most common type of loan. This type of loan generally either has a variable rate or a fixed rate. There are also more options to choose from, which can be chosen, based on what you can afford.

Variable Rate Home Loans

This type of home loan includes an interest rate that will rise, and then fall, over a specified period for your home loan. The type of interest rate all depends you get all depends on the cash rate set up by the home loan provider, or the financial institution you choose to take the loan out from.

A variable rate home loan is great for flexibility and only requires you to make a minimum monthly payment, which you can choose to increase if you want to.

Fixed Rate Home Loans

A lot of people choose to take out fixed-rate home loans, due to its extremely low fixed rates, which usually remain fixed for 1 to 5 years.

Another reason people choose to take out a fixed rate loan is that it allows for an easier monthly payment, which isn’t affected by any fluctuations in price.

There is also a fixed term involved, meaning that you can sell your property at any given time.