Backyard using Sydney timber flooring

Is it time to update your floors? Sydney timber flooring is a great option, especially in such a frequently hot and humid city. Timber is cooler than carpet but offers a warm and inviting organic vibe that just simply can’t be gotten from tiles. Many homeowners covet beautiful Sydney timber flooring, they’re great for people who suffer from allergies and lower maintenance than other floor types but with so many options on the market there at a loss when it comes to choosing the perfect option for their homes and budget. If you’re looking for tips on selecting Sydney timber flooring then read on below.

Beautiful flooring

Sydney timber flooring is seriously popular and has widespread appeal for many different types of people in a variety of different home settings. There’s an almost endless range of options and designs to choose from, from expensive top of the line floorboards made out of premium woods to engineered options or floating floorings and parquetry designs. Wooden floorboards can be highly durable and very comfortable to walk on. Many people favor them because they’re easy to care for but it’s important to note that they are not entirely without maintenance needs. Most higher-end wooden floorboards will require rebuffing and coating every few years or so to keep them in tip-top shape and to help keep the moisture away to prevent them from warping out of shape or rotting away. Higher-end products are great because they are easy to sad back and repolish if they get scratched whilst many cheaper options like floating floorboards have to be replaced entirely if they’ve become damaged.

Special care

Wood that has been properly sealed will be very resistant to stains or spills but if it has not been sealed with the right products you’ll discover that it dents and stains very quickly. Time spent finding the right products can save you a lot of headaches and money in the future as can proper installation. Speak to your installers about what they recommend and how to ensure that your floorboards are properly sealed and looked after so that they last for many years to come.

Structural Sydney timber flooring

A popular choice of wooden floorboards is the kind that is designed to be nailed down. The process requires skill and expertise so it’s best left to a professional. These are often more expensive and higher quality than floating floor systems. The cost of them usually depends on the thickness and length of the boards as well as the quality and grade of the wood used. You can expect to pay around $40/m2 on the lower end, around $50-$70 around the middle-end, and $60-$100/m2 for the higher end premium products which often have fewer defects or come from rarer types of wood. Common choices for Australian homes include gum, jarrah and blackbutt. There are some people who feel this is a less sustainable choice although it is debated.

Floating floors

Another common choice for wooden floorboards is floating floor designs. These basically just sit over a subfloor and are not secured to anything. These are a popular choice for multi-story places because the reduce noise in comparison to structural options. They come in many different options and designs but are typically poorer quality than structural plank options and usually involve a think layer of wood being laid over a fibreboard. Many of them are actually faux wood that is coated in a laminate. They are generally less expensive than structural planks, and range between $25/m2 to around $100/m2 at the higher end.