group of people hanging out together

Finding friends is a skill that some people are effortlessly good at, but many can struggle with it. Whether it be because you suffer from some kind of anxiety or have an introverted personality or have been hurt by people you trusted in the past, you might be someone who has a hard time getting out to make friends in Sydney.

While plenty of us have long lists of connections on modern social media, how many of these people are we truly close with? How many of those people care about what happens to you? How many of them would sit with you while you cried or celebrate with you when you’re happy?

If you want to expand your circle of close relationships, then consider the following strategies for finding friends.

Meet through a mutual connection

One of the easiest methods to make friends in Sydney is to go to a birthday party for someone you already know and start speaking to people there. It’s far less awkward to meet new people this way since you will be there for the same reason and an implied social expectation to interact with each other.

When you meet someone at an event you are both invited to attend, they will already have a higher level of comradery and trust with you since you know someone they know and are considered part of their circle. It’s also easier to get a conversation started since you can always ask questions like “how do you know the host” etc.

It’s also more natural as a means of finding friends, since any connections you form will be a by-product of you social obligation to the person you already know. This is in contrast to an event specifically designed to form new connections.

Use a website

person trying to make friends in Sydney through a website

In today’s internet-obsessed world, it’s not surprising that there would be websites designed to help people make friends in Sydney.  While there are plenty of dating websites that disclaim that they can be used to form platonic relationships, it can be difficult to be on the same page with the person you are meeting. This is especially true for women who may want to form a platonic connection with a man, and the man is dishonest about his intentions in order to get close to her.

Luckily, there are websites dedicated to finding friends and are not focused on dating, meaning that the intention of both parties is made abundantly clear. The helps to avoid gender inequality and keep everyone on a level playing field.

Some of the most common ways these sites are used are to organise meetings over coffee. Many of these sites will have options that allow you to meet people with similar interests to yourself so that you can get talking right away.

Much in the same way, many people are finding friends through online video games where there is an interactive experience with a mutual interest. When people cooperate to complete an objective (or have a rivalry) through a video game, they naturally form a familiarity that can have a close connection after some time.

Go out

You can make new connections every time you leave the house depending on the circumstances. Places like bars and nightclubs are venues where finding friends can be easy if you don’t have a problem with potentially being ignored or rejected. While someone people might be open to meeting you, other might be more closed off and only want to hang around the people they came in with, which is a risk you need to accept when it comes to these places.