Engineer checking the corkjoint in a building being constructed

The need to solidify concrete surfaces is far from a minor detail when it comes to the integrity of a location. From small homes to large corporate buildings, the application of corkjoint systems offers a solution that delivers tangible outcomes for clients. Among the many proponents of these utilities, it will be the specialists who advocate for their use the most. They have seen the horror stories where community members have failed to protect their investment, only to experience years of repair and maintenance costs down the road.

Structural Strength & Integrity

From engineers to installation representatives, they will sing the praises of a corkjoint system in the context of providing strength and integrity to a site. The top items in this market will offer a multipurpose sealant design that is elastic by nature but resistant to high chemical components like fuels and oils that denigrate the surface and erode the foundations. That degree of strength lays the foundation for a home, office or warehouse that needs to be durable to survive the elements.

Long-Term Investment Choice

The benefit of introducing a corkjoint utility is that the infrastructure will be naturally resistant to sun and water exposure. That wear and tear that is brought about through traditional methods won’t be discovered with these new brands, offering a long-term investment opportunity that protects the integrity of the premises. It also offers peace of mind for people that don’t want to be dealing with concrete fragilities every few years.

Fast Time Management

Local constituents want to know that they can enjoy the benefits of installing a corkjoint unit without having to manage around operators for days or weeks on end. With a tried and trusted process that requires some minor measuring, calculating and consulting with the client, they will be able to have this system in place in quick time, allowing for a 2 hour set time to allow the sealant to be in place.

Applied to Different Surfaces

A key selling point for adopting these systems is because it can be applied to a range of porous surfaces. This will include limestone, natural stone, concrete and brick surfaces, offering an adaptable sealant that works for almost any kind of residential or commercial setting. Specialists know that a design like a corkjoint has to work across the market, handing over a component that will be effective for any type of condition.

Safe Procedure Protocols

The good news for local clients who are integrating a corkjoint on their property is that they won’t experience any damage on site during this development. This is in large part due to the assembly and fabrication process that is overseen off-site, removing any integrity concerns that home or business owners might have leading into the project. Gone are the days where professionals are placing community members at risk and adding to the surrounding clutter that can be experienced with these projects.

Minimal Material Use

One of the downsides that residential and commercial clients often face with development projects is seeing professionals arrive on site as they use and discard a wide range of materials. It creates clutter and mess for the location while wasting time, money and resources that could be allocated elsewhere. Thankfully the use of a corkjoint application won’t allow for this type of waste. The assembly is already pre-calculated, giving operators the chance to use the right length and the right components without adding to further community waste.

Fortunately, these systems are geared towards strength, longevity and practicality, ticking all of the essential boxes for clients that want to ensure 100% quality with their concrete foundations. To find the best specialist recommendations, run an online check for the top-rated brands and engage operators on the ground to see what they have to offer.