You don’t want to be that person at a party that has never done anything exciting or unique. Instead, you want to be the person that is constantly looking to try new things and expand their horizons. We all have our limitations and there are some things that just don’t appeal to some people. However, if you are someone who has become bored with the same holidays, doing the same or similar things over and over again, then you should definitely consider Grand Canyon helicopter tours in Las Vegas.

An aerial guide of one of the United States’ greatest landmarks is a once in a lifetime experience and something that simply can’t be replicated anywhere else. So, do you want to try something new? Here are several reasons why a Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas should be your ‘something new.’


Relatively cheap considering the activity

We all know that holidays can be expensive and if you don’t have the luxury of not having to worry about money, then you’re probably thinking this activity will be too expensive. However, if you peruse through the list of Grand Canyon helicopter tours in Las Vegas, you’ll quickly see that an aerial scenic ride will only set you back around $200. And for 30 minutes in the air, taking in some of the most breathtaking scenes that the US has to offer, that really isn’t that bad. Furthermore, it’s a one-off fee, so you won’t get slammed with any other hidden costs.


Do something extraordinary and memorable

Another reason to check out America’s greatest ravine is because of the memories you will be able to make. Experience all 446km worth of ravine in the space of an amazing 30 minute trip! Whether it is with your family, children, partner, close friend or even solo, Grand Canyon helicopter tours in Las Vegas will help you make some life-long memories doing various activities throughout the area.

The gorge is also the home of over a dozen unique plants and around 90 species of mammal, many of which can only be found along the Colorado River Corridor.


Greater exposure to everything on offer


There is only so much you can get from the various lookout points along the gorge. A picture won’t tell you much either. But imagine how much exposure you can get with some of the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours in Las Vegas? This is one of the best advantages of purchasing an aerial trip of the ravine. In your journey, you can check out the Dragon Corridor, which is the deepest and most narrow part of the gorge. Here, you get the most intimate and fascinating views of the entire Colorado area. When enjoying Grand Canyon helicopter tours in Las Vegas, the views simply can’t be beaten.


Be prepared

This isn’t so much of a reason to check the Grand Canyon, but more of a tip for preparation. Naturally, because you will be in the air for a decent amount of time, there are several items you need to bring to derive the most enjoyment from this once in a lifetime experience. Firstly, bring a drink bottle in case you get thirsty and a pair of sunglasses, since the sun can get quite glary throughout the day, particularly in the summer months. Make sure you apply some sunscreen in those summer months (they are also often the most popular viewing months throughout the year). Alternatively, if you are considering winter Grand Canyon helicopter tours in Las Vegas, you’ll want to bring a nice warm jacket or jumper, sine temperatures can drop to insanely low levels. A nice pair of gloves or a beanie wouldn’t be a bad choice either.