We’re all guilty of blasting Thriller in the living room or shower and showcasing our languished attempts at the moonwalk – don’t forget the imaginary microphone – but we’re not so confident when we need to perform social dancing Sydney in front of an audience.

That’s usually because we aptly judge our jiving as mediocre at best and keep it the preserve of shower sessions save for the shameless and minimalist alcohol-induced boogieing.

Perhaps you’re thinking of getting rid of your two left feet for life, but at the same time are uninspired at the thought of learning how to foxtrot, swing, waltz, or salsa.

Fear not, here is a list of the more unusual forms of movement that appear when the music sounds. I can assure you there is something for everyone when it comes to dance classes in Sydney.




No lights, just music and bad dancing

What if, in a public place, you could twist, swing, sway, and strut the way you do when no-one is watching? What if, in a public place, you didn’t have to worry about the harassment of on-looking eyes? What if, in a public place, you didn’t have to be 5 pints and 3 vodka and cokes in before you let yourself go and boogie to your heart’s content?

This is not a dead end, folks. That public space exists. It is a space where music plays and darkness presides. Rather than being a horror movie-worthy abandoned music store, I am referring to the various venues provided for those wanting to step and twist without the pressure of an audience. That’s because the venues have no lighting, only music, so you can work up a sweat in the best pitch black dark dance classes in Sydney.


Pole dancing

Okay, we’ve all heard of this one. But if someone told you they were a professional pole dancer or spent every Sunday evening throwing themselves up, down, and around a pole in their garage, you’d find that unusual, right? Perhaps unusual is putting it politely.

There are a lot of acrobatics and strength involved here, so it would be a great conversion for anyone with a background in gymnastics and a fantastic workout for anyone wanting to shed a lot of calories in a more creative way than running nowhere whilst looking at yourself in a mirror on a treadmill.

Who knows where it could take you, perhaps to Miss Pole Dance Australia (yes, this is a thing) or down a new career path; but it could at least open you up to a whole new world of enjoyment and bedroom antics.

Even if you don’t fancy attending pole dance classes in Sydney, there is great entertainment to be had in admiring the skill of pole experts at a dedicated show. And no, I’m not just talking about the strippers in Gentlemen’s clubs.


Hula, hula hoop

No, I am not referring to that tragic song by Omi that released back in 2015 or a famous brand of crisps, but to a type of dancing involving a colourful ring. You know the one.

This would be a great excuse to get out a few hoops, rope the kids in and get those hips swinging in the garden or living room (location dependent on whether you want to showcase your moves in front of noisy neighbors).

If you want to take your hula hooping to the next level, then look no further than hula hoop dance classes in Sydney.


Who needs a groom?

Bridal dance classes in Sydney qualify as being unusual because they’re not something you’d think to go to unless you were engaged.

But who needs a wedding to prepare for to have an excuse to attend bridal dance classes in Sydney? That’s right, I am certainly suggesting you go along whether you’re engaged or not. It would be unusual, but definitely worth it to learn some new ways to move if you’re not one to dwell on being single.

You never know, the moves you learn could become very useful sooner than you think!


No arms allowed

Dancing doesn’t have to involve all of the limbs.

Hardstyle dancing is famed for its preference for below the waist movement and little more than arm flailing otherwise. Quick, intricate, defined, sometimes aggressive, leg movements are hard to master, but look great in a nightclub when some hard euphoric music comes on.