When you envision your dream marriage ceremony, what do you see? Do you see lush country side, surrounded by beautiful, vivid gardens and divine vineyards? Can you see the glowing sunset bathing the countryside in light as a new chapter of your life begins? If your nuptials are coming up and this scene resonates with you, consider having your wedding in the Hunter Valley NSW. Indeed, if you decide that this location is your dream location, then your thoughts need to move onto wedding photography in the Hunter Valley region.

Planning a marriage ceremony is arguably one of the most stressful events to plan for. It’s such a big event that involves so many different things to consider – seating arrangements, catering requirements, music, reception location and service of alcohol. For the sake of this article, we will focus on ensuring that you get the best services of a wedding photographer in the Hunter Valley region.


Look for experience

Like when hiring any service, you want to be looking at the provider’s level of experience the field. The same thing can be applied when hiring a lawyer, an accountant or physician. Experience is always beneficial, while ensuring that you are confident in that person’s ability to be able to take the best pictures for the day. More experience will lead to better quality pictures.


Look through their previous work (albums)

wedding dance

When considering your various options when it comes to wedding photography in the Hunter Valley NSW, you simply can’t decide without assessing the provider’s previous work in the field. Make sure that you look through as many different albums as you can (from their previous events and functions that they worked out). This is because every provider has their own unique style when it comes to capturing images, which often stems from how they use the equipment. They might be very good at what they do but if you’re not stoked or wowed by their pictures, then it might be time to look elsewhere.


Professionalism is important

Your marriage ceremony should be the greatest day of your life. It should be filled with happiness, joy and excitement spent with the people you love the most. The last thing you need is an intrusive cameraman, particularly one who is constantly rude to your guests or unhelpful. You need a professional provider who you believe will be polite, considerate and caring towards your guests. Your nuptials are going to be stressful, so any way your snapper can make things less anxious for you is going to be a big plus.


They know their place

A professional and reliable cameraman will know their place on the day. Wedding photography in the Hunter Valley NSW is an incredibly competitive landscape. Because of this, providers of such services know they must be proactive in differentiating themselves. The provider that stands back and knows their place is the person you should be considering. At the same time, however, the best provider will know when they need to intervene to make things easier for you and ensure that the event runs smoothly. They’ll know the best angles and best places to snap away, while keeping guests interested throughout the event.


Make sure they’re flexible

When considering your options for wedding photography in the Hunter Valley NSW, you need to make sure that your provider is flexible and willing to adapt to your tastes and preferences. You don’t want an individual who will not compromise on their style for your marriage ceremony. The best providers will recognize when they need to change and adapt their style (i.e. because of changing weather conditions). You don’t want to be telling your provider of wedding photography in the Hunter Valley NSW how to do their job.